About Carolyn

Carolyn has always loved words.

The first book that she can remember was Harold and the Purple Crayon, which she loved because every time she opened it she made up another story about the story, until her mother told her that there was a story already in the book and read her that. Since Carolyn couldn’t read just at that point, she couldn’t figure out how her mother could tell her the same story again and again, but she thought it was wonderful.

Carolyn was the only person in second grade who could spell “yellow.”

Carolyn’s favorite word in elementary school was “discombobulated,” which she learned in fourth grade, possibly from a story about the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Carolyn spent most of her teen years wondering what the big deal was about “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” Didn’t everyone think up different, uh, lives, for themselves?

She also spent her teen years alternating between giving everybody The Catcher in the Rye and giving everybody A Portrait as the Artist as a Young Man: “Just read it – it will change your life,” people remember her earnestly urging them.

The rest of her years have been spent discovering that she could tell stories other people wanted to hear, whether it was recounting the tale of the translator who arrived too early and spoke two sentences of English (“I from Tokyo. I come for Whorl Cup!”) or the time she organized a really really cheap weekend in New York City for herself and her adult female cousins┬áthat included accommodations at a hostel that “was like staying at a Romanian orphanage.”

She had the great and completely unexpected good fortune to get to live in Ireland for a time in her middle-ish to late-ish 20’s, where she learned what real story telling was about (and it doesn’t always involve a Guinness).

Carolyn has since added not-as-real stories to her repertoire, like plays and screenplays. She has published material on Kindle, and is adding audio versions of her work to iTunes.

So really, who knows what Carolyn is going to write about…

3 Replies to “About Carolyn

  1. carolyn..i just read your “open your mouth and sing” older entry…i’m hemming and hawing for going back because i have to audition…in one week.ijust can’t come up with a song in my brain to sing…despite the thousands that stream through, i cannot come up with one. i’m a 50 something alto(i date to singing since about 4th grade also) whose adult life has too long railroaded singing(yes i know every word to every verse of every christmas song) and MISS it…
    anyway, i’ve never answered a blog before either.. any thots on what to sing.(Amazing Grace is the only thing I can think of..that is lame)thanks…and i hope you’re still singing!PS my son lives in Quincy..

  2. Every organization is different. The audition I had came at the end of a rehearsal, and was the piece that had been practiced during the rehearsal. Others require you to come with your own piece.

    Just sing. Don’t worry. Just sing.

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