London, Day 1, Morning: Getting one’s bearings

Welcome to London, ma’am, do enjoy your stay

Rounding that corner from the British Museum and seeing the Hotel Russell through the bare January trees was an entirely unexpected vision.

So, breathtaking.

Wow, I picked a good hotel!

Just splendid.

Such splendor.

And I’m gonna stay here!

What do you have to do to get a bust of yourself put on the outside of a London hotel?

It’s January and there’s cyclamen blooming outside. Outside, I tell you!

We’re talking an entire block of this.

I’m happy, delighted even, with my lodging choice, which oddly enough turned out to be the very first hotel I considered.


I looked at 120 hotels, and ended up at the first one.

Says a lot for the decision-making process: basically, the first choice is the choice.


Register at hotel, leave luggage with porter, cross the street to the Square…

Either Russell Square has a lot of trees, or there’s some serious nuclear bombardment going on…

…and am having a coffee and a croissant at the Cafe in Russell Square (which might be the actual name of it) by 10:20.

Right across the street from the hotel
Imagine what this looks like in the Summer!

Not as jet-lagged as I expected. Too excited.

Woo-hoo, I’m in London!


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