Harry is the Potter-est

Harry Potter: The Exhibition opens at the Museum of Science in Boston on Sunday, October 25 at 9am, and you should get in line right now for it. The exhibition is as close to being in the movies as you can get without needing an Equity card.

We were invited to the Preview Reception last night, and it was awesome. Ten thousand square feet of Harry’s world, with props and costumes from the films, set up in different stations. It’s designed so that you feel like you are at Hogwarts; everybody is represented and all the movies are referenced (those chess pieces from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone are HUGE).

They have Harry and Ron’s room.

Harry and Ron's Room

They have Death Eaters.

Death Eaters

They have Kreatur and Oliver Wood’s Quidditch robe (honestly, am I the only one who thought that Oliver Wood was way cuter than Cedric Diggory?).


They have tons (22 tractor trailers) of stuff. And when you are in the exhibit you are in Harry Potter’s world. Ever wanted to get up close and personal to the candy display at Honeydukes? How do Harry’s and Valdemort’s wands compare? Wouldn’t you just like to look into Dobby’s big-eyed face and thank him for his loyalty to Harry? Is a dementor really that scary? (I can answer that: Yes. Yes it is.)

And let me just say, Gilderoy Lockhart had excellent taste in clothing, and you can see a set of his entire works, including everyone’s favorite, Magical Me.

They have Dolores Umbridge’s pinky pinky pink office, complete with that nasty quill Harry was made to use when he had his “I must not tell lies” detention.

There are many things to see and do. Pull up your own mandrake root. Try your hand at getting the quaffle through the quiditch hoops (sans broom, I’m afraid).

The final setting is Hogwart’s Great Hall, set up for the Yule Ball, complete with floating candles, Triwizard Tournament Cup, and chocolate desserts. And if you ever wanted to feel sorry, and I mean totally and utterly sorry, for Ron Weasley, just take a look at the actual robe he wore for the Ball, displayed next to Harry’s very handsome dress robes. Hermoine’s lilac evening gown is even more lovely in person.

The gift shop is like a mini Diagon Alley; you can pick out your very own wand at Olivander’s, choose some writing paper at Flourish & Blots, and even pick out a robe (or t-shirt) at Madam Malkin’s.

The audio tracks that you can listen to are great. I highly recommend picking up a device on the way in. It took us an hour to get through it, because we listened to every single bit. I think some kids took longer–I mean, who wouldn’t want to sit in Hagrid’s chair?

The exhibit will be in Boson until February 1, 2010. Combined museum and exhibition tickets are $26/Adults, $24/60+, $23/3-11, and $5/MOS.

If you or your little ones are fans of Harry Potter, it is so, so worth it.

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