A-Rorschaching We Will go

There’s some hullabaloo going on in the psychiatric community about the recent posting on Wikipedia of all ten the inkblots from Dr. Rorschach’s test.

Apparently there are ONLY these ten blotty-blots. These are the ten, and the test is still given and the outcome of the test is still an arguably useful tool in diagnosing the psychological state of the test taker.

This is because the test has been around since the 1920’s, and so there is a great deal of data concerning the responses and what those responses might mean.

Well, you tell me what they are, then
Well, you tell me what they are, then

I didn’t read the article completely, nor did I bother with all the material on the Wikipedia Rorschach page.

I…I…I didn’t want to find out that I might be a nut job. I don’t actually mind that I might be a nut job, but I just don’t want to be labelled a nut job. If I’m a nut job, I want to be a happy one, not one burdened by a label.

I was surprised, though, to find out that there are no right naswers for this test. The movies alway portray the Rorschach test as having one right answer, and the test taker never seems to give that one. Inevitably, the administrator decides that the test taker is a looper, and sends them off to the psycho ward.

The material on Wikipedia clearly indicated that this is not the case, that there is a broad range of answers, and that the test is used to determine the place on the spectrum of mental/ity/ness/anonity that a person might be at.

I decided to be brave and actually look at the blots. I still don’t get why these blots, why this order. I assume it’s so the doctor people can say, “Look, this test has been given to 200,000  in the last 90 years [blogger’s guess]. We know the kind of answers a normal person gives, the kind of answers a depressed person gives, and the kind of answers a sociopathic person gives. The kind of answers you give will help us determine where you at, so to speak.”

And so, with the completely altruistic goal of helping to advance science, I give you my two (two!) self-administered Rorschach tests.

Self-administered Rorschach Test #1

Gut reactions when seeing all ten blots on the Wikipedia page in small, 2×2(ish) size, without spending too much time looking at them:

  1. Bat
  2. Two firemen playing cards
  3. Two people having dinner at a restaurant
  4. A Harley rider coming right at you
  5. A little kid dressed in a butterfly costume waiting onstage for the curtain to go up at his school play
  6. An animal skin rug
  7. Two people about to kiss
  8. A pelvic exam
  9. A watercolor of two flutes of champagne
  10. A party at the Eiffel Tower

Self-administered Rorschach Test #2

More, uh, thoughtful reactions when mulling over/re-lookng at each blot individually (by clicking on the thumbnails) in approximately 8×8 size:

  1. Same as before (bat)
  2. A pair of bears dancing that have injured knees
  3. Two black lady entertainers from the 1930’s doing a dance at a nightclub
  4. Upside-down bat looking at me very calmly
  5. Same as before (little kid in a butterfly costume) except it’s from the back and he needs to go pee
  6. Same as before (animal skin rug)
  7. Smooth flat stones edging a pond
  8. Initially the same (pelvic exam), then pink bears climbing up ice-capped mountains and blue flags – like a watercolor of the national seal of a mountainous country (such as Switzerland)
  9. A plate of some crustacean entree with a green sauce and a read sauce (which disgusts me because I’m vegetarian)
  10. Initially the same (party at the Eiffel Tower), although it struck me that it’s a much bigger party – Bastille Day, perhaps? Then I looked some more and it became an aquarium scene with sea horses, little fish, and seaweed.

I wonder how the bru-haha (hahahahaha) about the posting of the blots would compare to the posting of the range of answers: do my two dancing bears mean my ability to discern fantasy from reality is limited? What if my Eiffel Tower-to-aquarium thought puts me in the 79th percentile of wackness?

And the bats, everyone sees the bats, right? Oh, you didn’t?

Well, one of use is off the scale…

Please please please don’t let it be me.





I got all the answers wrong.

I didn’t have a single sexual thought when looking at them.

According to here.

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