Visiting the Roslindale Farmer’s Market

We walked up to the Roslindale Farmer’s Market this morning.

Then we walked back home. You can do that when you live in the city.

Below are all of the things we bought.

I can’t say any more because I am eating, right now, all of the things we bought.

After the images are links to all the people from whom we bought all of the things we are eating right now.

Brookwood Farm in Milton – where we got our tomato plants at the beginning of the season!
Vermont is considered “local” to a Bostonian.
“The second hottest pepper on the planet” which was bought as a gift for someone. Because we are that nice.
NOT eggs. Garlic. Garlic, I tell you!
See? I told you.
“(S)he had that curious love of green, which in individuals is always the sign of a subtle artistic temperament…” Oscar Wilde
Brussels Sprouts are grown on teeny tiny Brussels Sprouts trees, did you know?
ROSLINDALE VILLAGE FARMER’S MARKET MATH QUIZ: If I eat all the apples in this box, how long will it keep the doctor away?
A radish and a radish and a radish.
Carrots even Bugs Bunny would love.
And then we came to Samira’s Homemade.
This cracker did not come from the Farmer’s Market; we didn’t want to open the Za’atar bread because we knew if we did, we’d just stand there and eat the whole thing until it was gone.
Look what I brought home.
All cleaned up. Kinda shiny.
Prepping for a liquid lunch.
I made a beet and carrot martini. James Bond wants one.

Brookwood Farm

Brookwood Community Farm is a hidden-but-awesome place nestled between Great Blue of the Blue Hills and Route 128 (just off exit 2B). The area had been farmed for generations, but the advent of the highway system an a general urbanization of the, uh, world, caused the farm to fall into disuse for a number of years. It recommenced farming in 2006.

This farm is half woods, and makes a wonderful walk. Well, it doesn’t make the walk, you have to do the walking, it’s not like the farm’s a barista for walks or anything.

Samira’s Homemade

Samira’s is from Belmont, and yes, there really is a Samira behind it. It/she makes authentic Egyptian and Lebanese spreads, and they are fabulous. Their hummus can take on any of the big boys. And the price is about the same. And their muhummara, o-meye-GAWD it’s fantastic. You can really taste the pomegranate molasses.

The Neighborhood Farm

We bought our egg-carton-of-eggs-garlic from a stall that had close to a thousand cloves of garlic (my guess, although it could have been closer to 950). We bought them from a garlicky guy, who knew more about garlic than I ever knew someone could know. He was almost geeky about garlic. There was a wooden box of “Smuggled Czech” garlic, and while I don’t know how contraband such a thing might actually be, I was intrigued by the inherent history of such a name. Hence our purchase, and I have made an unknown/unsaid pact with my guy that whenever I make something with these garlics, we must both ingest.

Nutting Farm

Nutting Farm is Vermont. My uncle had a place in Vermont, and so therefor Nutting Farm is a local maple products operation. And, uh, dang if their maple cream isn’t the best maple product I have ever tasted. I was very polite, though, and did not wrest the container from the fellow and triple-dipple-quintuple dip my dainty taster’s spoon into it. But I wanted to.



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